Crash Core Analysis Suite

The crash core analysis suite utility is a self-contained tool, loosely based on the SVR4 crash command, but completely merged with gdb, thereby combining the kernel-specific nature of crash with the source level debugging capabilities of gdb. The utility can be used to investigate:

The current set of available commands consist of common kernel core analysis tools such as a context-specific stack traces, source code disassembly, kernel structure and variable displays, memory display, dumps of linked-lists, etc. There are several commands that delve deeper into specific kernel subsystems, which also serve as templates for developers to create new commands for analysis of a specific area of interest. The intent is to make the tool independent of Linux version dependencies, building in recognition of major kernel code changes, adapting to new kernel versions while maintaining backwards compatibility.

For information regarding prerequisites, invocation, and the command line interface to crash, check the general usage section first. The crash executable has a built-in set of man-like pages, which have also been incorporated into this web page. For command-specific information, click on the desired command name in the crash help menu.

The most recent downloadable version of the crash source code is:

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